What can I expect to be covered in a Sourcing and Design Call?

 Stakeholders: CapSource Staff, Educators, and Company Representatives

The Agenda:

1. Introductions - The potential Company is introduced to the Educator  (background, interests, and expectations)
2. Engagement Format - What is the structure and timeline?
3. Is their project scope clear, and do you have a good understanding of what the company expects to get from the opportunity? Make sure you're both on the same page.
4. Legal Paperwork - What needs to get signed?
5. Next Steps - What else is needed to solidify the deal?


Other Key Questions:

- Is the project appropriate for your students and the company in terms of topic, scale and complexity? 

-Is there a dedicated contact person for the students? What will the primary contact's response time be when you or students have questions?

-How often will the Educator communicate with the company? How often will the company communicate with the student(s)?