What Are the Benefits of CONNECT Software?

The system is designed to help better understand educator requirements so that you’re better able to solicit the appropriate companies for collaborations. This includes the company's industry, size, and location requirements, among other criteria like desired project topics.

The system also enables you to more effectively market and convert prospective companies into projects since you can quickly profile out their business and their project using a quick intake form. A feature that mainly benefits the educators and institutions that you partner with.

Your clients aren’t required to register for the system in order for you to use it to solidify projects for them (note: you can build it out for them in the back end), but I will admit, it takes 2-minutes and makes their life easier since they have a nice dashboard with all the prospective projects organized in one place (including an overview of each of the businesses). 

You’re also able to bring your clients together with the company on the system to discuss overall goals and objectives for the collaboration so that the students, company, and faculty mentor are all on the same page before the launch.

Additional features are planned to all of our systems in the near future, that goes one step further and enables educators to better track and manage project performance so they can intervene on projects when they aren’t going according to plan.  It also helps educators ensure companies are satisfied and students are achieving the desired learning objectives as expected.